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Classic Games For Fun:

Pac Man
    Use the arrow keys to guide Pac-Man.
        P- Pause/unpause game
        Q - Quit game
        M- Mute/unmute sound
        L - Low quality on/off

Space Invaders
        Left arrow - Move left
        Right arrow - Move right
        Space Bar - Fire laser
        P - Pause/unpause game
        Q - Quit
        S - Small scale version

Tic Tac Toe
        click away

        Left arrow - Turn left
        Right arrow - Turn right
        Up arrow - Thrust forward
        Space - Fire missile
        Shift key - Hyperspace  

        Arrow  Left -3 Move shape left
        Arrow Right - Move shape right
        Arrow Down - Faster drop
        X or Arrow Up - Rotate Clockwise
        Z - Rotate counter-clockwise
        P- Pause/unpause game
        Q - Quit Game