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*** NOTE Old Samples - 2008 - 2013 & Prior * * *  MP3 - some Client Tracks - Mainly Songwriter & Singers
  • Candace Pierce   Things to Do  Things_Snippet13.mp3 
    Written with D. Carlsson & D. Banks - Amo on Drums

  • Studio Sampler - Multi Song   Several Song Sampler for Web (C) 
    Various Artists

  • Manny Capozzi (of Stunato) w/ Lovejelly 
    Singer/Songwriter Manny Capozzi came to us with acoustic guitar and vocal track. We produced the rest, including musicians (drum, guitar, bass) and vocal arrangements. This song got radio play on Italian Radio’s RADIO ROCK station in Rome, Italy in 2006. 
    Producer D. Banks considers it about 85% complete.

    Shove (original)    MP3_Sampler_Manny_Shove120406a.mp3

  • Kimberly Wilkens 
    It doesn't get much better than this for a rough take - playing & singing, no overdubs.
    Sleepytown (original) KimWilkens_SleepyTown_20070706(clip).mp3

  • Lovejelly  Path (original)  Lovejelly_Path_1Min.mp3

  • Farah Zala  An America (vocal demo)  FARAH_Mix1_demo_128.mp3

  • The Certain Someones   Compelled (original)    Compelled_mp3_128.mp3
    The Certain Someones were going for a garage band feel, no fancy overdubs or over the top mixing - 
    just a solid representation of what their band (4 piece) could play live at a club.





























































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