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Hours by appointment only.

We are NOT seeking internship candidates at this time. We apologize in advance, but we simply can not honor all of the requests for people to sit-in on sessions, be interns, etc. We can not provide daily or on-demand tours.  Also, we are not a rehearsal space.

Email us (Please include your phone #)   

A good way to reach us is via email...
   ...but the best communication is via a phone call.
When contacting us by email, please provide in-depth information about your project, along with your phone number, and we will help you sketch out a plan to make a great recording.


Studio sessions at various studios

Studio Recording Locations: 
Studio sessions at locations throughout the Chicago area, NW IL & Southeast Wisconsin.  

Contact via mail:
Please give us a call and we'll be happy to help get you connected with the right person. 

Such a Voice Talent & Producers:  
Please give us a call directly.

Methods of payment

Cash is always accepted. We also accept most major Credit Cards. Deposits are required to book time. Invoices must be paid before we release

Deposits are required prior to recording.

All sessions must be paid in full before music product, CD, tracks, tapes, data, final mixes, MP3's, wav files, session files, rough mixes, etc. are released. For ongoing projects, depending on the type of session, we typically provide interim mixes for review based on client needs.

It is not uncommon for new clients and first time recording artists to routinely ask if they can take the tracks home before they are done to listen to them before their session or project is paid for - all too often, anxious bands or artists will put unfinished recordings up on websites, social media, SoundCloud, MySpace, YouTube, etc, which is unfortunate. We always recommend to put your best finished product out there, as it is a reflection on you as well as the studio. While it is rare that it ever makes sense for a rough draft mixes to be made public by the cleint band/artist, we urge you to avoid being exhuberant and ensure that you &/or your band shines with your final mixed product.
Arrangementsfor this should made ahead of time with the engineer and producers you would like to post online or let a draft mix be made public.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A note about the people that make the studios go:
Each person affiliated with Energy Command Studios is an independent contractor. Rates may vary between engineers, producers, and musicians utilized for your project. We help provide project budget guidelines - keep in mind that projects are unique and therefore, may require different levels of involvement to make a final product meet your vision.

For any questions & more information about please ask.


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