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About Energy Command Studios

For over 20 years Energy Command Studios has been providing Recording Studio Services, Music Production, Voice Overs, Editing, Mixing, Artist Development, and Pro Tools production in the Chicago Suburbs, Chicago Northwest Side, and coming soon to Milwaukee area (SE Wisconsin).

Senior Engineer Dave
Banks continues to record in the Chicago area and near Milwaukee where he is completing a new studio build - from ground-up - of a new recording & mastering facility located about 75 minutes north of Chicago in Southeastern Wisconsin. We anticipate opening the new facility in early 2018. We work with artists and companies on projects in the Chicago and Milwaukee area at a select group of studio spaces.

Based on 
production needs of existing clients and projects that the Energy Command Studios team of producers & engineers are involved in, we work at various studio facilities in the midwest USA, including servicing our existing client base in the Chicago metropolitan area and now growing into the Milwaukee & Madison areas - we also continue to work on productions in close affiliation with long-time lead engineer of Energy Command Studios, Amo Schmyz, at his freshly built new studio in Chicago: Gravel Road Studios Chicago, located in Chicago's Northwest side 'Norwood Park'. Amo's focus moving forward is producing & recording songwriters + bands in the cool new studio he designed: www.GravelRoadChicago.com

Our affiliation with 33FM Media continues to grow. 33FM Media works with developing up & coming musical artists and songwriters.

ECS is diligently completing interior buildout and expanding our mastering capabilities at the new facility located in Southeast Wisconsin (close to  Alpine Valley / Lake Geneva). Check back for more info about the
5 main locations we work out of that serve these market areas: Chicago and suburbs & Milwaukee to Madison, WI.

Energy Command Studios throughout the years...
In the early 1990s Energy Command Studios opened its first location in Glenview, IL. After several years of growth plus studio configuration expansion, in 1999, Energy Command Studios moved its main operation to Arlington Heights. In 2004, we completely gutted a new space in Arlington Heights and built out the studio with tall ceilings, decoupled rooms (
rooms isolated from each other), angled ceilings & walls, floating floors, and a design specifically for acoustics. The Arlington Heights studio location that housed Energy Command Studios from 1999 to 2014 is now owned and operated by another entity not affiliated with Energy Command Studios nor the name Energy Command Studios or its historical or current affiliates.  We wish the new owners of the former Energy Command Studios location great success with their studio operation. Energy Command Studios continues to record in facilities in the midwest USA and works on projects with selected songwriters, bands, and commercial clients. While Energy Command Studios is no longer in Arlington Heights, Energy Command Studios still works actively with the core team that built the prior studio locations.

And a Thank You...
We thank those who have made vital contributions over the years to the day-to-day operations & spirit of recording at Energy Command Studios.
We appreciate and thank our hundreds of clients from over the years. AND, importantly, we thank the following team members...

Thank you to Amo Schmyz for his many years of service as lead engineer & consultant to Energy Command Studios.
Amo and Don Carlsson have been core contributors to making the studio go for the last 15+ years. Don has been a loyal musician, co-songwriter, and go-to guy that the studio has leaned on regularly - his dedication to the studio is a small example of what a sincerely genuine good guy he is - our gratitude is beyond words. Both Amo & Don are immensely appreciated.

Also, thank you to Jon Owens and Art Garceau for your help & insight over the years.
We always appreciate the ongoing spirit that Bill Corasis brings to the studio, too. We have deep gratitude for our stable of go-to musicians & friends including Kim Wilkens, Mozart (H-Dean), & Spark.

In case you missed the initial
transition news click here.

Looking forward to great music ahead in 2018 & beyond...

Energy Command Studios started in the early 90's close to Chicago in the northwest suburb of Glenview and became a top-notch recording studio after years of hard work. From 1999 to 2014, the heart of the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Arlington Heights, Illinois, was home to ECS. These days, the long-time Energy Command Studios owner Dave tracks, records, and mixes at several locations for existing clients and develops new artists in the midwest. No matter what studio space he records & produces audio projects at at, there will be top quality recording gear, radio ready music mixed, and stellar sounding audio production without the hurdles or high cost of big city downtown studios.

Over the past two decades Energy Command Studios became known for having a solid team of engineers & a comfortable atmosphere that let bands, songwriters, musicians, artists, and producers to sculpt their sound. Whether recording a full-length CD, working on a fresh set of tracks for a demo, commercials, or voice overs, the studio has the flexibility to meet nearly any musician’s needs. Full production services, songwriting, arrangement, engineering, mastering, music editing, Pro Tools Mixing, drum gridding & editing, tape transfers, MIDI production, voice-overs, live recording, CD one-off’s and great live tracking environments are a sample of offerings from the team and affiliates of Energy Command Studios.

In 1999 the ECS team gutted part of a building in Arlington Heights and later grew into a larger space within that building where they built an outstanding live room and excellent sounding control room. The buildout took advantage of the building’s 15 foot ceilings. The studio team installed a custom floating floor in the live room and created isolated
sound spaces throughout the building. The studio team's goal was to allow bands can track all at once, or take a traditional studio track-at-a-time recording and overdub as they need. A unique feature about all of the locations we record at is the studios have visibility through all of the rooms within each facility - this allows multiple players to be isolated while still being able to see the other band members. On larger projects bands can also set-up and play together in the large live rooms to maintain the feel of playing together. Senior Engineer Dave also provides consulting to up & coming studios and musicians around the US & Canada on studio design, configuration, soundproofing, gear selection, and production.

Acts that have had CD’s and projects produced by Energy Command Studios range in style from Pop/Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, Folk, Jazz, & more. And, we have worked with a range of Hip Hop, R&B, & Rap artists. The studio has a wide array of musicians available for projects, and engineers on call for specific needs. Two accomplished independent producers, David Banks and Amo Schmyz, are often tapped by clients for their production skills. We work with several additional engineers based on your project needs and availability.

Over the years we have provided entire commercial voice overs, music arrangements,
jingles, music beds, drum tracks, beats, and more. We have helped individual artists complete a full band sound for hundreds of recordings, too. In 2005, the Amo Sound Lounge was added to house a drum set-up with ready to record top of the line Ludwig drum kit - all mic'd with a dedicated Pro Tools Rig. The Amo Sound Lounge expanded capabilities with another mixing & overdub room on the Northwest Side of Chicago - there songwriters and bands had access to capture and mix their songs with a seasoned lead engineer to get some of the best live recorded drum tracks in the midwest.

Energy Command Studios, Dave, or any of the freelance engineers or studio musicians currently or histrocially affiliated with Energy Command Studios, 33FM Media LLC, Amo Sound, Gravel Road Chicago, Windy City Mastering, etc. are neither agents nor employees of the new studio ownership at the Arlington Heights location, nor vice-a-versa, or each other. The Energy Command Studios name is not affiliated with any entity in Arlington Heights, IL. Based on project needs Energy Command Studios  often collaborates with other studio locations and/or various team members around the US in order to bring your project the highest quality of audio that your project deserves. We also work with other 3rd party sound engineers, mastering facilities, and recording studios throughout the US including Nashville and Los Angeles.  

2005 - 2018 Energy Command Studios

From the photo archive of Energy Command Studios

From the photo archive of Energy Command Studios

From the photo archive of Energy Command Studios
kick drum

Full drum track creation, gridding,
editing available.