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Welcome to Energy Command Studios  

Record at studios in the Chicago Area through SE Wisconsin.
  • Top-notch recording studios with easy access - close to Chicago, without the hassle of downtown.

  • New facility in Southeast Wisconsin late 2017
  • Pro Tools HD 12, 11, & 10 - 40 inputs & 256 tracks. 

  • Artist Development, Pro Tools Editing, Drum Gridding. 

  • Analog Summing + Wide Range of High-end Outboard Gear.

  • Great selection of mics for modern sound or vintage vibe.
  • Outstanding live rooms - Tall Ceilings / Floating Floors

  • Demos for Songwriters & Singers

  • Recording Engineering Workshops, one-on-one Engineer training on mixing. Limited to qualified candidates. By appointment only.

  • Package, Block, and Project Rates.

  • Voice Overs, Commercials, Jingles

  • Dedicated outboard Mic-Pres
  • Large Live Room - Isolation booths - Comfortable Control Room - In-house Drum Kit set-up ready to go*

  • Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Metal, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Beats, and more.

  • Wide range of musicians & singers available for projects. Engineers on call for specific needs.

A little history... Energy Command Studios opened its doors in 1991 in a small location in Glenview, Illinois. Within 3 years, the studio was busting at the seams and grew into a multi-room facility. The studio aquaired a 32 channel analog console size to and grew to a 24 Track facility. In 1999, the studio moved to Arlington Heights and expanded the analog console to 48 channels while growing into 56 tracks and focused on mainly digital recording. 

While bands & artists knew the 2nd location in Arlington Heights as a cozy place, they always valued the big sound out of the mixes that came from the studio. An off-site B-Room in the northwest side of Chicago was added for mastering, edits, and Digidesign (Now Avid)  ProTools mix-downs in 2003.

In 2004, Energy Command Studios moved two doors over
in the same building, gutted the building and built out customized rooms and adding an impressive array of state of the art high-end gear.

At the end of 2014, the Arlington Heights studio location was sold - that studio space location is now owned by another entity  - Energy Command Studios has moved its operations to other facilities.Based on project needs and existing clients talent location, we work closely with studios facilities around the Chicago into SE Wisconsin. We are expanding our recording & mastering capabilities with a new studio building facility in Southeast Wisconsin. This will expand our wide range of recording studio services and anticipated to open in late 2017 for recording projects. We also anticipate that studio taking on a new name & fresh look.

Some of the great gear we use and have available for recording & mixing:

- Renowned DBX Blue series 786 Mic Pre-Amps
- Two DBX Blue Series 160SL dual channel Compressors
- Groove Tubes VIPRE all tube mic pre-amp adds incredible warmth for vocals and instruments, and is a nice compliment to the assortment of large diaphragm condenser vocal microphones the studio has.
- Two Eventide Harmonizers 
Orville & Flagship H8000FW  Special Effects Processors
- Mesa Boogie Roadster Amplifier, Mark V, and Trans-Atlantic amps.
- Manley/Langevin Pre-Amps
- A-Designs Mic Pre's - EM Red, P1, and Pacifica.
- Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ
- Maselec MEA Mastering EQ
- Foote Control Systems Mastering Compressor
1073 style Mic Pre's: Heritage '73 Jr, Aurora GTQ-2 Mark III
- Brent Avril (BAE), Rupert Neve, Heritage 1073 clone,
Shadow Hills, ChandlerAvedis Pre-Amps
- API 500 series w/ compressor, 2-Great River Harrison EQ's
- API 5500 EQ, Kush Clariphonic, Overstayer 8755-B (custom unit)
2 - Kush Audio Electra's, 2-API 527's
2 - Avedis E27, 2 Tonelux Compressors, Overstayer SVC
Over 30 channels of API 500 series outboard gear.
- Additional Class A pre-Amps
- TC-Electronic and vintage rack effects.
- Yamaha Motif XF, Roland Weighted Keys Piano, & sound modules.
- Remote recording rigs with dedicated mic pre's.
- Great Ribbon Mics including Royer 121's & Shure 313's.
- Really nice acoustic guitars including the Taylor 414-CE (M414-MACE), Taylor 310CE, Seagul Cedars - 12 and 6 strings, & more.

Pro-Tools HD Native Rigs - external HUI based faders, mute, and controller capabilities adds incredible power & flexibility.

The studio also has back-up PC based Pro Tools rigs and other software. Video Editing capability with Avid, Sony Vegas and Final Cut. High Speed Wireless internet for those who need to stay in touch with the outside world between/during sessions.

The Waves Mercury plug-in suite rounds out Avid Pro-Tools effects processing, Rob Papen Instruments,
Fab-Filter, Eventide, SSL, Drumagog, & Addictive Drums. We are experts with the acclaimed Celemony Melodyne tuning software - this system can truly be magic for those in need.

Sony's Sound Forge 10, 9 & 8 (by Sonic Foundry / Sony), Sony Acid, & Sony Vegas, Propellerhead Reason. 

Other great gear available includes 8 channels of Focusrite Class-A Mic Pre's, DBX Tube Mic Pre, Vintage Shure SM-7 and a later model Shure SM-7B's, the largest diaphragm condenser Shure KSM Series Microphones, Shure KSM-313, the classic AKG C-414 (three of them), vintage EV mics, 70's {Les Paul} Recording Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Standard, US Made BC Rich, AKG C-12 Clone. For special projects, we can bring in select guitars & cabs (Marshall & Egnator). Guitars range from PRS's, Gibson Les Pauls, '56 NOS Strat, PRS Mccarty, and other PRS's, Strat's, Rickenbacker, Godin, Washburn, Seagull, Taylor, and more. Some specific guitars indicated here are available for rental for attended in-studio use sessions. 

Click here to see pictures of the studio during the 2004 reconstruction!

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1999 - 2017 Energy Command Studios

Eventide, Lexicon, TC Electronic
Brent Avril (BAE), Rupert Neve, EM-Red, A-Designs P1, Avedis, Heritage 1073 clone Pre-Amps

AKG C414, Shure KSM 44 & 32, Shure SM-7's, Rode, many Blue Bottle + Capsules, & Violet Capsules, & Sennheiser

Ribbon Mics - Royer 121's, AEA R84,
Shure KSM 313, Cascade Fat Heads

Tube Microphone

Fender Stratocasters (USA)

Rickenbacker, Taylor Acoustics, 
Gretch, BC Rich USA Supreme
& Music Man

Gibson Les Pauls

Mesa Boogie Roadster, Boogie Mark V, Mesa Trans Atlantic, Marshall JCM2000, Gibson Super GoldTone, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (USA)


Great River, Kush Audio, DBX 160SL, 786, Groove Tubes Vi-Pre, Serpent Audio 4001 (SSL 2-Bus Clone)

Drumagog, Slate Audio,
Celemony Melodyne,
XLN Addictive Drums Adrenaline,
Waves Mercury Plug-Ins, Fab-Filter,
Propellerhead Reason,
Avid Pro Tools HD

Avid Pro Tools, Waves, Fab Filter, Rob Papen, Sound Forge, Final Cut,
Vegas, Sony Acid, Adobe Premier







































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